My Library

About the Library

Library Mission
The mission of UCD Library is to organise the University’s information to inspire engagement and learning, to enable its use in promoting research and innovation, and to contribute to the preservation of Irish cultural heritage.

Library Vision
It is the vision of UCD Library to be the University’s centre for information and knowledge management services and expertise, creating dynamic environments that inspire learning, catalyse innovation, and enable the creation of new knowledge.

UCD Library:

  • Connects people with services, information and expertise, enabling academic exploration and development
  • Provides environments, both physical and virtual, that enable timely access to information and that fosters both contemplation and the exploration of information and ideas
  • Provides equality of access to services and facilities and is committed to the development of an inclusive environment for all users
  • Leads in promoting and developing information literacy skills to support student success in their studies, careers, and lifelong learning
  • Engages with research across the spectrum of collections, research services, information infrastructure, and assessment
  • Collaborates with other information-centred UCD services to expand awareness of and access to data, information, and related services
  • Cooperates with peer organisations within Ireland and beyond to advance the common agenda for information management, to coordinate collecting activities, and to enable the timely exchange of shared information resources
  • Leads in advancing innovation in the academic library profession, contributing to the national research agenda
  • Is a highly effective, efficient and agile organisation.